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My Story

It was December 2018.  I was standing in Lowe's, looking at lumber for a remodel my husband and I were deeply entrenched in.  My phone rang, and my son Dylan was was on the line.  "Mom, are you busy?" I knew something was wrong right away by the sound of his voice.  "I don't know how to tell you this but I just saw this on Facebook and didn't want you to see it.  I hate even saying this over the phone.  Uncle Rick died."

That day changed everything.  I was officially the last one remaining of my 5 siblings and parents, my family of origin.  Four deaths in five years....the end of the deaths, but the beginning of my healing journey.  This space reflects that journey.  My hope is that it helps you with your grief, whatever that may look like.  That you know that no matter how big of a loss, you are not alone.  That because of Jesus, you are an Overcomer. 

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