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The world's greatest Cowboys fan.

I had a fan once. Not the kind that you fold out of a program when you’re burning up at a football game, but a true cheerleader. I know everyone usually has someone that supports them, that cheers them on. This person was not just supportive, he was my SUPERFAN. He literally thought I could do no wrong, that I was the smartest chick on the planet, and that I would be president one day. We shared a love for music, and one day we were chatting on the phone about a song I was working on. He wanted to hear it, so I put the phone on speaker and played the piano and sang it for him. When I got back on the phone, he was choked up and said, “You’ve got more talent in your little pinky than I do in my whole body.” When I graduated from law school, he choked up again. When I did ANYTHING, he pretty much choked up with pride. He passed away from cancer 9 1/2 years ago when he was just 50 years old. I want to honor him today and let the world know what an incredible brother, son, husband, father and grandfather (Pop Pops) he was. He leaves a legacy of love and compassion like no other, and when I grow up, I want to be just like him.

His name is Mark. He was my big brother, and this letter is for him.

Hey big bro,

Been missing you today. I thought I saw you the other day when I was driving. There was a guy with a truck just like yours and the guy driving I swear was your doppelgänger. I did a double-take and my heart jumped, and then reality hit me, and I knew it wasn’t you.

That truck made me think of my trip to D.C. when I was there for work and you came to get me for dinner. Remember when you met me at the WWII Memorial and you went up to the wrong girl?! I told you I’d be sitting under the Oklahoma wreath, but you saw someone that looked like me and walked over to her. I saw you talking to her and thought, “what is he doing?!” Then you saw me and started walking toward me with that “oops” smile on your face. I died laughing!

After that we walked all over the mall until it got dark and then we couldn’t find where you parked your truck. Remember when I called Mom on my cell phone to tell on you? I told her we were going to die out there in the dark because there was some creepy guy carrying a trash bag following us and you wouldn’t let me hail a cab because you just KNEW your truck was right around the corner. Then you got on the phone and said, “Mom, tell her to quit being scared. She’s with ME,” to which I replied, “that does not make me feel any better!!’ And then Mom died laughing.

Remember then I finally convinced you to let me hail a cab and when you told the cab driver where your truck was, we literally drove around the corner to your truck and got out? I looked at you with that “oops” smile on my face, and you died laughing.

Laughing with you. It’s what I remember the most. It’s what I miss the most. I know you are laughing with Mom, Dad, Duane, Rick, Kay-Kay and Dennis today, and I’m a little jealous, but oh so happy you are together. I can’t wait to see you again and see that incredible dimpled Osborne smile.

Happy birthday big brudder. I know you always thought I hung the moon, but you are the real hero for the way you loved me and your family. I am YOUR superfan.

I love you forever.

Your baby sister

Thanksgiving 2009. Our last picture together.

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