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Fight Like a Girl

“The devil on his best day did not take you out on your worst day.” – Christine Caine

Today my pastor did something that no other pastor before him has done. He gave me permission to fight. And it was EXHILARATING.

Growing up as the baby of six kids, four of which were boys, I was… shall we say…... a bit spunky. 😊 My brother Mark used to tell me a story about when I was a preschooler and would take up for my big brother Dennis who was being bullied by some older boys down the street. One day apparently, I had had enough. These big boys came to our front yard and were being mean to Dennis again, so Mark said just as he was walking out the door to help Dennis, I came riding up on my tricycle, jumped off and threw it down and proceeded to beat up on these boys that were twice my size. It didn’t hurt them obviously, but they didn’t really know what to do with this little girl whaling on them, so they left.

Another time when I was in the 4th grade, my friends and I were at the school park and saw one of the boys from our class trying to fight a girl. My sense of justice went through the roof. I was SO angry that a boy would even THINK about hitting a girl that I jumped in and started fighting him. About that time, a man, who I assumed was his dad, came over and broke it up and then…well, I tried to get the dad to fight too. My exact words were…. I honestly can’t believe I’m about to say this on a public forum, but here goes….”Come on big daddy, fight like a man!” Ugh. SO EMBARRASSING. I am sure you already know my family NEVER let me live that one down.

The Hodges Street gang

In all fairness, I come by it honestly. It’s a well-known fact that Osborne women come with a ferocious protection mechanism. It’s like Mama Bear on steroids. And it makes you say REALLY embarrassing things at times.

I have been through some tough times in my almost 50 years of living. Some incredibly tough times. Aside from the grief, I’ve been bullied in ways that I would never have imagined by someone I loved years ago while in the midst of my grief. It’s one thing to be intimidated, harassed, and lied about by someone everyone knows is a jerk, but when it’s someone you loved and trusted? Who you thought would be there to comfort you during your loss? It hurts beyond belief. If only it was as easy as riding up in my trike and making them stop.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7 )

During some of my darkest days when the intimidation and fear was the worst, I would break down, but only for a little while. Something in me - a righteous anger - would rise up and I would stand back up, set my gaze and power on. I would work even harder, determined to not let this person break me. I would channel my inner Osborne and remember whose daughter I was. I’ve told the story before of how my mom was what I call a “power woman.” She was loving and comforting when you were down, but you had about a 2-minute window for self-pity and then it was time to pull yourself together. That lesson alone has kept me going more times than I can count.

The Bible says our enemy, the devil himself, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. The more I move toward Jesus, the louder he roars. His attacks come at me day and night, pounding me with waves of grief and doubt. And yet, in the middle of the noise, I hear a still small voice saying “eyes on me, my daughter. Eyes on me.” I look up and see the strong, powerful, loving face of Jesus and I remember whose daughter I am. I stand back up and fix my gaze. I remember He has given me everything I need to face any battle; that Christianity is not a playground; it is a battleground. Although the enemy comes after me day after day, he knows he is defeated. The war has already been won. I just have to keep battling until Jesus comes back and ends it once and for all.

I remember what I was born for.

I am a strong warrior. I have always known this, deep in my heart. When other girls were shy or timid growing up, I was the one standing up. I was the one fighting for a cause or getting into scuffles for what I believed in, only to feel bad later because I was not being “ladylike.” Can I tell you, dear sisters, there is a time to FIGHT? The devil has no place in our homes, in our marriages, in our families, in our lives, in our children’s lives, in our minds, filling us with fear. He comes after you because he sees something in you that he is afraid of. When you feel oppressed, afraid, confused, bullied, or overwhelmed, stand up to him! Take back your home and your mind in the name of Jesus and he will RUN. He cannot stand in the presence of the name of Jesus. As Christians, we have been given the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the name of Jesus in defeating the enemy. We have been commissioned as warriors for the Most High God! This was the empowering reminder from my pastor today.

I was created to fight. I was created to stand up for what’s right. I was created to resist the enemy. That does not make me less of a woman. That makes me the daughter of the King.

I have the heart of a warrior. And so do you.

It’s ok to fight for what is right and good and holy. It’s ok to stand up and say “Enough!” The enemy can’t stop you, because “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” He may knock you down with grief and pain and disappointment, but you will rise up. You will set your gaze and you will go back into battle. You have everything you need to complete your mission. He has given you permission and power to fight back. And He promises to never leave you.

VICTORY is on the other side of that fear.

Go get ‘em, girl.

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