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Joy + Sorrow = Love

“Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” ~ Truvy Jones

I am a Southern woman through and through. Add to that the fact that I’m from Texas and you’re in for a real treat! There are so many funny memes out there about Southern women that I won’t repost here, but just know most of them are true. And if you’ve ever watched Steel Magnolias, then you are fully versed in every Southern woman. And if you haven’t……. well all I can say is, bless your heart!

Do you ever have moments where you’re feeling sad or mad at someone, and then you think of something funny they did and you’re suddenly cry-laughing? Happens to me almost daily. Like the time my Dad halfway fell through the ceiling getting the Christmas stuff out of the attic. Or the time I begged to play football with my big brothers Duane and Mark and when they finally let me kick a field goal, I kicked the fire out of Mark’s thumb as he was holding the ball and Duane literally rolled on the ground laughing. Or the time Mom smiled at Rick at an upscale restaurant with an orange peel in her mouth. Or the time Kay Kay peed her pants in the Walmart parking lot from laughing so hard while she and I were shopping with Mom. Or when Dennis was up late watching TV one night and I jumped out of the bathroom and scared him so bad he screamed and fell to his knees. OMG that still makes me laugh so hard!!

And then the tears start. These memories flood my heart daily. They are my greatest treasure and my source of greatest grief. Is it possible to live with both joy and sadness? YES. Actually, that’s what life is all about. Jesus, the Son of God who IS love and joy was called “a man of sorrows.” As long as we are living between two gardens, the Garden of Eden and our heavenly home, there will always be sorrow. The JOY comes from knowing that it’s because we are not home yet. When we get home, our joy will be made full when we see Jesus, the One who made it possible for my family to be together again.

Embrace the joy. Embrace the sorrow. Embrace them together, for it means that you have love in your life. And love, my friends, conquers all. In the words of Shelby Eatenton, “I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”

Me too, Shelby. Me too.

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